Landlab Ecohydrology: open-source tools for modeling transient ecosystems (In Prep).

Published in , 2019

Recommended citation: Nudurupati, S. S., Istanbulluoglu, E., Adams, J. M., Hobley, D. E., Barnhart, K. R., Hutton, E. W., Gasparini, N. M., & Tucker, G. E. (In Prep). Landlab Ecohydrology: a set of open-source components and models to study the effects of climate and disturbance patterns on arid and semiarid ecosystems.

This paper is in preparation. In this paper, we present existing ecohydrological modeling capacity of Landlab using examples that couple components for local soil moisture and plant dynamics with spatially explicit cellular automaton (CA) plant establishment, mortality, and disturbances. Using Landlab components with varying complexity, we discuss the role topography plays on plant organization, and contributions of fire and grazing disturbances on the spatial and temporal characteristics of woody plant encroachment (WPE) and savanna dynamics.